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Beijing 2005-2011

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798 Dashanzi ieum

북경 예술특구 798 지역 최초 비영리 프로젝트 스페이스 매니저
Beijing 798 Art District First Non-profit Project Space Manager in the Region

2006 798 Dashanzi International Art Festival PR Manager
2006 798 Dashanzi International Art Festival Ieum Promoter
2006 798 Dashanzi Korea Film Festival Director
2006 798 Dashanzi Korea Film Festival Seminar Director


MK2 전시 기획

베이징 전시 특구 지역 중에 하나인 차오창띠(Chaochangdi) 지역에 위치한 갤러리
Gallery located in the Chaochangdi area, one of the special exhibition specialized zones in Beijing


Exhibition Planning
His Her Story
_participated artists_ ChenWenLing, YangQiyan, YangMiyan, ZhongBiao, Tamen,
Pumping Heart
Emerging Artist
Emerging Artist II
Emerging Artist Chinese
Emerging Artist Korean


Solo Exhibition Planning

박종필 개인전 (비앤빛 갤러리)
Liuwei 개인전 (Space Can)
Cangxin 개인전 (Space Can)
장석준 개인전
신창용 개인전
이호진 개인전
이기훈 개인전
홍승혜 개인전


Jong Pil, Park - Solo Exhibition (BnViit Gallery)
Liuwei - Solo Exhibition (Space Can)
Cangxin - Solo Exhibition (Space Can)
Seok Jun, Jang - Solo Exhibition
Chang Yong, Shin - Solo Exhibition
Hojin, Lee - Solo Exhibition
Gihun, Lee - Solo Exhibition
Seunghye Hong - Solo Exhibition

Art Beijing Extension Exhibition – Korean artist coordinator  
2009.4.28 -4.29
Canxin Solo Exhibition – Coordinator
2009.2.17 - 3.7
Correspondent China - Beijing correspondent
Task Force for Asia's Central Cities under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
<Riuren> Cais Gallery – Coordinator
<The Blur> Mook Gallery of Contemporary Art – Exhibition Planning  
2007.11.24 -12.15


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